Project Activities





This three-year project foresees the development of innovative products through a process which includes transnational coordination meetings, training seminars to test the outputs and dissemination seminars through which spreading project results in the partner countries


Kick-off meeting - November 2020
The first meeting was virtually hosted by the Municipality of Linköping and was dedicated to the planning and initial coordination of all project activities and the presentation of partners.
2nd Transnational Meeting - April 2021
The event was virtually hosted by the Municipality of Parma. Linköping University presented the first results of the Mapping Analysis (Intellectual Output 1) based on the interviews and observations carried out by the teachers of the schools involved in the project. The meeting produced moments of reflection and discussion among the participants, on the theme of play and the role of teachers during children's play activities.
3rd Transnational Meeting - November 2021
Odense, Denmark The third coordination meeting for the PLAYING project was hosted by UCL - University College and allowed the partners to meet each other face to face for the first time. The team discussed the development of the methodology foreseen in Output 2 and the material being developed for the transnational peer review, output 3. During the meeting the team visited the preschool of the partner Børneinstitution Holluf Pile and was involved in the Play Lab activities at UCL.


1st Training Seminar
  • September 2020Project start

  • November 2020Kick-off Meeting

  • April 2021 2nd Transnational Meeting

  • November 2021 3rd Transnational Meeting

  • April 20224th Transnational Meeting

  • November 20225th Transnational Meeting

  • March 2023Training Seminar

  • April 2023 Local Dissemination Events

  • June 20236th Transnational Meeting

  • August 2023Project End