The Department of Education of the Municipality of Linköping

The Department of Education of the Municipality of Linköping, is the local authority for the public school system for early childhood education and care, compulsory education, upper secondary and adult education and leisure center for school children. They are responsible for the implementation of national policies and the national school curriculum. There are 180 preschools (8500 children and 1632 employees). Policy documents are the Education Act, Curriculum for preschools and municipality rules and guidelines. Preschools should lay the foundation for lifelong learning and provide children with good pedagogical activities; where care, nursering and learning come together to form a whole. Activities in preschool should encourage children to work and play together, train them to deal with conflicts and to accept responsibility. It should be stimulating, educational and safe for all the children who are in preschool. Creative work and play is very important for developing children´s learning ability. In particular preschools should stimulate the child's development and learning in fields such as language, communication, mathematics, science and technology. In 2019, principals started development work with focus on play-based learning together with their preschool teachers and childminders. Preschool is offered to children between the ages of 1 and 5 when parents are working or studying. Children that need special support for their development can get childcare even if their parents do not study or work. Preschool is also offering 4 hours/day to children whose parents are unemployed or are on parental leave. General preschool for children from 3-5 years of age without the need for supervision is provided in the form of preschool for four hours a day during school terms.

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